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Longest slot canyon in the country

After hiking The Wave, and since we were already at the Wire Pass trailhead, and because we could, we decided to keep hiking to Buckskin Gulch - the longest slot canyon in the country! It was definitely worth it! And it's a GREAT alternative if you don't get permits for the Wave.  It was a mostly easy walk, with a few tricky spots, and gorgeous views a few inches from your face and all the way up to the sky!
We also met a hiker traveling the country with her dog and invited her back to our campground. :) 
There were some tight squeezes. 
And we found some petroglyphs.


C said…
Love the alternative slot canyon option. We're going to put this on our personal waypoints map.

Any chance you'd put it on our "Where To Go" for other full timing families to check out?
The Lundy 5 said…
I will. I have a TON of posts to get up, with lots of destinations! I'll try to remember to add them as I go!