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The running of the sheep

In the campground, people kept mentioning the sheep crossing and that it was coming up. We finally got the details, as much as possible anyway, because the sheep were coming sometime this week. There is a ranch still using public land to run their sheep up to Flagstaff. And fortunately, that land runs right through our campground in Cottonwood! They crossed through the campground before we realized, but we found them resting before they crossed the river. The pack donkeys were really cool too.
There were a lot of people who came to watch the river crossing. 
When they got to the river, though, no one wanted to go first. :) 
Once the cowboys convinced one to go, they all followed, you know, like sheep. :) 
The cowboys had to help some stay up. Two got trampled and worked in the water a bit, but fortunately they were okay after a long rest! 
Hard to spot the guardian dogs! 
This was a very interesting thing to see! Educational, fun, and right in our back yard!