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Hiking The Narrows, Zion National Park

Since we skipped it last time when it was chilly, we finally hiked The Narrows. It was so fun with the Johnson family! Their littles were such troopers too. It wasn't an easy hike! And it was IN the river all day too. It's the most narrow section of Zion with 1000 foot high cliffs on both sides of the Virgin River. Fun times!!
Starting out, it doesn't seem so bad...
But it gets real pretty quickly. 
Josh likes to take his own path.
Josh also rode down a section on a log, or attempted to. 
This was our view looking up! 
The girls took a swimming break. 
Exploring a side canyon.
Our traditional pic, though this was in our goofy water clothes.
We stopped for ho-made pies after our big day. :)