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Our very, very long day living on a highway

From Kanab, we headed to Moab. All *seemed* well when we left. We even took another fun pic with the Johnsons and our twin rigs.Though it doesn't look fun. :)
And even the interstates are a pleasure to drive in Utah. It's just pretty everywhere! 
But then the Johnsons said we had smoke coming from our tires. :/  We pulled over to find a bearing issue (that's what Allen said). Apparently driving this way would start a fire, so we called for help. So we sat and waited. 
And waited. 
And waited.
And waited.
Until this guy finally fixed it, TWELVE hours later. Except he couldn't fix it, so we had to do something temporary (I don't know these things) and followed him back to his shop at 2am. So after living on the side of the highway for an entire day and night...
We lived at a mechanic shop. 
The Johnsons, who were even more amazing than usual, had taken our three kiddos to a park to hang out in the shade the day before and even treated them to a big breakfast! They absolutely made this day bearable for all of us. Except maybe for them? :) 
Many dollars and hours later, we finally hit the road again, back to the pretty views. 
When we made it to Moab and pulled in, the Johnsons were our entire view. :) 
Fortunately the view from the other side was great!