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Petroglyphs, dinosaurs, scenic drives

Since it was a bazillion degrees, we thought an air-conditioned scenic drive would be perfect. It was even worth it to get out to explore all the petroglyphs on the rocks beside the Colorado River! We even acted some of them out. :) We took Utah Scenic Byway 279 (Potash Road) north and south of Highway 191 for beautiful views and fascinating Indian writing! Going south we saw mostly beautiful walls, strange petroglyphs, and even a dinosaur print!
It was fun to try to guess what they were doing, and trying to tell us.
Looks like a party. With balloons! :)
How'd they do?
A dinosaur print! 
Going north we found rafters, paddleboarders, and a really steep drive for great views.
And an impromptu hike/climb.