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2016 Convention

After Colorado, we headed down to Austin, Texas for our health coaching convention. We hadn't honestly looked forward to it, because we've done SO many conventions. But we trust our coaches, plus had many people we wanted to meet, and we are SO glad we went! It was AMAZING! And so VERY different from any convention we've been to. We've never been surrounded by such positivity and happiness, ever. We'll certainly never miss one in the future!
Suit shopping with Allen was amusing. He was WAY to small for his old one. :)
We earned a special reception to start the week off and got to meet Dr. A. and Mona. 
We had a fun dinner with our team. Lots of meat on sticks! :) 
Allen had too much. :) 
The convention was exciting and inspiring. 
The fuelings aren't just yummy, they're great for you too! 
It's fun to see Hyrum and Tiana on stage showing their excitement over the upcoming trip to Costa Rica! 
Part of our team with Dan Valentine. 
It was cool (pun intended!) to see this guy work. 
Red carpet time! 
It's strange looking back, since this was 2016. Right now, in 2017 we have 5 Executive Directors on our team! It's more fun seeing others succeed than doing it yourself! 
Because we're health coaches, you'd think we'd all eat well, right? Well, we're all also recovering food addicts, so maybe not. :)  Fortunately we had good days after this one!! :) 
The donuts here are an entire meal!