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Estes Park, Colorado

We were excited to check out Estes Park and to see some of our friends from the road who we first met back in 2011 in a parking lot. :) The Igels are back in Estes Park and offered us their big RV-sized driveway!
It was so fun to reconnect with this fun family and get to explore their very cool town. Of course our favorite was their awesome taffy shop! The Taffy Shop (which has been operating for over 80 years!) is a (yummy) piece of history! The best (freshly made!) taffy ever!
Mesmerizing to watch the taffy puller!
The kids work the counter. That might be too tempting for our kids. :)
Coyotes in the neighborhood. No biggie, this is Colorado!
Lizzy's friend (another friend from the road!) Megan, who we first met in Florida, got to visit for a few days too!