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We were very excited to see our cousins (my cousin Michael Young & family, on the Hamel side) from Alaska as they came for a weekend in Orlando. They flew his mom, my aunt, Bridget Hamel down from Ohio, so my dad got to visit with his sister too. Plus all the kids got to meet cousins they haven't met yet! It was funny to see how alike they were.
Almost got a serious one. 
Cousins, aunts, and uncles. 
Cousins, second cousins, or first cousins once removed, and third cousins, or twice removed... we tried for hours to figure it out and finally did, but I'm not sure we got it right. :)  Here's a chart if you're keeping track at home. :) 
Let's try L to R. Matt, Lizzy, Michael, Caleb, Tamara, Kira, Bridget, Seth, Kathy, Josh, Chuck, Margie, Allen.
Cousins. At least that one was easy. :) 
We think this is the last time all the cousins were together. 2000! We were babies. :) 
It was so great to catch up with some and meet others for the first time! Hopefully soon we'll work our way up to Alaska to visit them there.