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A Day in the Life of a Lundy

What would you do if your calendar wasn't full? No school, carpool, work, commuting, sports, dance, scouts, band, clubs, homework, playdates, errands, yardwork, house maintenance, bill paying, or community meetings? What if you didn't have to schedule family time, because all the time was family time? What if you did what you wanted, instead of what the calendar said? 

Is it fulfilling? Is it fun? Is it even possible? We think so! 
To us, an empty calendar means peace, choices, and freedom. It's not for everyone. Some thrive on the hectic pace. This isn't for them. This is for you, my frantic, frazzled friend. ❤ The one who desires to slow down. The one who wonders if life can be different. The one who's tired of being busy. 

Our life is unbusy by design. When we hit the road, we quickly realized we weren't just unlocating. Yes, we could go anywhere, but we also discovered we could go anytime. We gave up the traditional work, school, and activities, to gain total freedom. Yes, our kids might enjoy soccer, but now they enjoy climbing, kayaking, mountains, bears, oceans, redwoods, canyons, historic sites, science museums, national monuments, and so much more. 

So what does a typical day look like? Whatever we want! Typical is hard to pinpoint, since each day is different, but this is a peek into a recent day here (currently Las Vegas). 

8:30 Allen woke up, enjoyed a quiet morning, worked online, and called a few clients to check in. 
11:30 Lizzy and Margie woke up. Lizzy disappeared into her phone. Margie worked online. Allen did a Spanish lesson on the Duolingo app. 
12:30 Matt woke up finally and disappeared into his phone. Margie packed snacks and water. 
1:00 We watched a Darren Daily and did gratitudes together, including the kids. 
1:30 We headed to Red Rock to climb. 
2:00 We climbed for a few hours, hung out on the rocks, and enjoyed snacks.
3:00 We stopped for a 20 minute client call, then resumed our climbing fun. 
5:00 We left and stopped by Dutch Bros for coffee. 
5:30 Margie made Big Mac in a Bowl. We ate dinner and chatted about the day. 
6:00 Allen and Margie worked online. Matt went to the hot tub. Lizzy disappeared into her phone. 
7:00 We had a 15 minute client call, a 15 minute coach call, and watched a training video. Matt played ukulele.  
8:00 Allen, Matt, and Lizzy did Spanish lessons, while Margie worked online. And we had lattes, or cafés con leche. :) 
9:00 We watched The Masked Singer together. (It's so intriguing!) 
10:00 Margie worked on her book, Unlocating, while Allen, Matt, and Lizzy watched Friends, then a movie. 
12:00 Allen went to bed. Matt and Lizzy watched a cooking show. Margie worked, played, and wrote. 
1:00 Matt, Lizzy, and Margie went to bed. Matt fell asleep instantly. Margie read for hours. Lizzy stared at the ceiling for hours. 

You can see how we fit our work into our lives. You won't see school, because we unschool. You also won't see all of the other activities that keep families busy, and separated, because we choose to do life together, at a slower pace. 

If you want to slow down, but don't know where to start, here is a helpful guide to becoming unbusy
You can also read a lot more about our nomadic lives and what we've learned in our book, Unlocating