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9th Nomadiversary!

We celebrated our NINTH Nomadiversary by launching a brand spanking new WEBSITE and BOOK! is live and you can find more info about our book, available June 1! We'll still be blogging right here too of course.
We also won a huge dinner at a baseball game, so none of us were hungry enough for cake! I know, crazy!! So we improvised. :)
Here's a peek at the book! That was a pic from somewhere in Wyoming where we stopped for lunch - and saw wild horses! The dirt road to who knows where is what really drew me in.
Here's a peek at the website. Check it out at!
This Nomadiversary we celebrated in Dallas, Texas. Check out our 8th in HI7th in SC6th in AZ5th in AR, 4th in AR3rd in PA, 2nd in FL, and 1st in VA!