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Lizzy, Matt, Ho Hey video!

Lizzy finally recorded a whole song for us! All it took was a little prodding (and a lot of cash!) :) And Matt played the ukulele. Lizzy plays the keyboard too, but we were lucky to get anything on video, since she really hates the spotlight. :)
They're both pretty incredible and self-taught. Josh is also amazing on guitar! Not bad for three nomadic kids who've grown up on the road. I guess music lessons aren't always a necessity after all. These unschooled kids are determined to learn things they care about, and they do it impressively! There's a great chapter about unschooling in Unlocating too!

This is Ho Hey by The Lumineers. Lizzy and Matt Lundy recorded at a campground lodge in Las Vegas. :)  You can watch on the blog or also on YouTube.