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Why join Fulltime Families?

In our 10 years on the road, we're often asked about being lonely. It makes us laugh, because we've had to be very intentional to find alone time for our family, thanks to our nomadic community! Because of Fulltime Families, we can always find other families nearby. We are lifetime members and this club brought us lifetime friends

When you start RVing as a family, you don't know what to expect. Solo adventures for sure, but what about friends on the road? 

We quickly learned there were friends in every campground. And some we followed from campground to campground and state to state! 

Sometimes we wanted to climb mountains alone with our family. 

Sometimes we wanted to climb with a whole crew! 

Sometimes we wanted to explore alone and dip our toes in the sand. 

Sometimes we wanted a rousing game of beach volleyball, getting covered in sand! 

Sometimes our teenagers appreciated quiet moments to themselves. 

Sometimes (oftentimes!) they loved being surrounded by their nomadic friends. There are plenty of teenagers on the road! 

Sometimes we hiked alone in the wilderness. 

Sometimes we hiked with a few dozen friends. 

It's always fun to attend Fulltime Families rallies, where we meet SO many other traveling families. 

We learn from each other and play games. 

The kids are free to make meals and messes. 

It's always inspiring to peek into others' RV spaces! We love getting ideas for RV storage and organization from other families on the road. 

And we enjoy big campfires with friends... 

And small campfires with friends... 

And with our Fulltime Families friends, we almost always laugh until we cry! 

This group truly has made all the difference for our RVing family. It's our # 1 tip for traveling families. It's kept us connected and informed no matter where we roamed. We've been to Fulltime Families rallies, hang outs, meet ups, dances, potlucks, and movies. There are Facebook groups, events, opportunities, programs, discounts, and resources for kids and adults. Plus, this link will give you 10% off if you decide to join the fun! 

So why join Fulltime Families? Many answers, the events, help, resources, and fun - but our main reason? The FRIENDS! 

(Some affiliate links because we share what's helpful for us. Hope it's helpful for you!)