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RV Family Summit!

We're so excited to be presenting at the RV Family Summit!! Want to learn how to RV full-time, part-time, or seasonally- while making family memories along the way? Join us for the RV Family Virtual Summit and learn from REAL RV families & lifestyle speakers. Find out how they did it and how you can too!

We're sharing about long term life on the road (11 years!), roadschooling, unschooling, and what's next for our kids as they move out. Hope to see you there!! 

It’s FREE to attend live and the event is 100% virtual! No travel required and no additional expenses for food and lodging! Just register at to get the information and inspiration you need to go now, rather than later.
#RVfamily #fulltimefamilies 


This was an absolutely fabulous summit. Even though we aren't RVing yet, I learned so much and I'm stoked to have purchased the replay. It is allowing me to share the summit with my family and hopefully inspire them to go adventuring soon! Thank you for being a part of the summit and for sharing all your information with the attendees. Hoping to get your book for my birthday in November! Adding it to my wish list now. :)