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Chicago for CHA (Craft & Hobby Association trade show)

this one was really fun. we (DSP) didn't do a booth, but helped our distributor McGill with theirs. well Kim and Lauren helped, Pam researched, and i just had fun and meetings. genevieve gorder from trading spaces was the keynote speaker and was awesome. we really enjoyed her. SO much better than martha stewart last year! i also ran into a funny austin powers impersonator, he was great! said the ratio of women to men at a craft show was great for his mojo! :)
we (the girls, not austin!) also went out and enjoyed downtown Chicago. we took the world's longest route into town thanks to construction on the train and confused bus drivers. but we did the tourist thing and even took a relaxing carriage ride, which was really neat amid the hustle of the city. we went to a great restaurant above the city, not to eat, but to take pictures of course!
i listened to the new harry potter book on cd all the way home too! it was so fun! i could have easily kept driving for another 5 hours just to hear it all. i didn't even eat much chocolate. what a great way to enjoy a long drive!!


Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm Alice Koh at This is an online digital scrapbook publication and I found your blog through a search for CHA Trade Show photos. I have an article about this trade show for the upcoming issue which will be out this Friday. I would like to know if there is a chance that you could contribute some photos for the articles. I am in need specially of photos with people in front of a both or an overall picture of the trade show itself.

Photo credits will be added. I hope to hear from you soon.

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