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organized office!

i arranged for beth ann miller to speak to our moms group at church about organization. as a wonderful bonus, she came and helped me organize my office! what you can't see in the pictures is that everything you could see before was mostly clutter, long-term storage stuff that i didn't need out and easy to get to. plus it was hiding all the things i did need to get to. and for all my neat storage containers that looked so tidy, they weren't organized on the inside at all! just stuff shoved into drawer after drawer. when i'd run out of room, i'd get another to fill up. i seem to just fight the fires on my desk and in my inbox and all the rest just sits there and mocks me. but no, more! everything has a place now and i'm keeping it that way! now the things i use daily are at the ready and the other things are tucked away neatly in categories. if only she could organize my overflowing inbox!! :)


Liz McCoy said…
AWESOME!! I love my professional organizer too!!!!
Leslie said…
H'mmm, all I have is the site I follow and my friend Sylvia, who I endlessly discuss decluttering with. ;)

I think my two things I do in my spare time are to scrap and to declutter.

OK, I am also repainting, and I make ice cream.