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milford sound!

after months of looking at milford sound on allen's computer desktop, we finally got to see it for ourselves. AND the weather cleared just long enough for our wonderful day! allen and i both prayed hard the weather would clear (it hasn't for weeks), and it did. isn't God cool like that? it started pretty miserably, the road was closed, lots of snow, dark and dreary, but then the sun came out and made it a beautiful day!
we've all decided mountain pics are just boring and show nothing of what we saw. sorry, you just have to be here to take it all in. they were amazing today with snow on the peaks (and clear down to the road in places), but the pics just don't do it justice, sorry!
we took a cruise around the sound (they say it's really a fiord and seem to think that's important, i just think it's pretty) and to the tasman sea and back. we stood near a freezing waterfall and saw some dolphins and seals too!
just a gorgeous (if bitter cold) day and we'll be praying for another tomorrow as we head to mt. cook (i'm not really sure if that's north or south, i'm pretty turned around at this point!), hopefully stopping at a park where they filmed some lord of the rings scenes too!


Liz McCoy said…
INCREDIBLE!!!! And God is Soo Great! we sure are thankful to be His kids!

stunning photos! love the rainbow shot.