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touring auckland, new zealand

after a beautiful morning view from lauren's balcony (wouldn't you love living here?!) we headed out to see auckland. lauren and steve were great tour guides (and taxi driver) for us and we saw a lot! city, bush, volcanoes, hills, caves, black sand beaches, birds, sheep, all while driving up and down and all around auckland.
the beaches on the west coast are black from the iron ore from the volcanoes and it's sparkly and so pretty! we found some jellyfish (that of course allen had to pick up). one was even road kill, looked like it was hurrying across the road (pic #13). :)
allen went to the bottom of one of the volcanoes (i'll have to get names from lauren!) and i had to point him out he's so small down there! no flowing lava though, i'm sure the kids will be bummed about that.
we had wonderful views of the city and countryside from the windy roads and new zealand sure is as green as you think it is! very pretty!

tonight we had a great dinner with some of the dsp staff and i got to meet sharon (shazzt) and pam (donut)! hopefully i can steal some of lauren's pics of that. :) and tomorrow is our second laptop crop and i'm sure it'll be a fun day. i'll get to meet julia (webfrau) and lots of other dsp'ers! maybe i'll even scrap a page, who knows?!


Liz McCoy said…
okay if you scrap a page at the crop I'll fall out of my chair. :D That's the biggest challenge at a crop...getting a page done hehehe

The pict of allen in the volcano is crazy! love that cave cove whatever by the water sooo cool!!! reminds me of goonies :P HEHEHE