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a peek into our new home!

we have a new home! we bought a sierra tree house 35loft and can't wait to get it here, hopefully next week. it has plenty of room for our family of 5: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, king bed, huge dinette, lots of hidden storage. and of course all the necessities like fridge, oven, microwave (and room for my breadmaker and crockpot). :)
the kids have a super fun treehouse area with peep holes, mail slots, ladders, under-floor toy box, huge skylight to sleep under the stars. even for a camper, it has a rustic feel that really fits us. i think i'll even take some of our antique decorations.
so truck - check. camper - check. sell possessions - in progress. sell home - anyone?! :)
take a tour of the sierra treehouse here.

kitchen table/homeschool desk/couches/living room:
looking down from the loft:
looking toward the loft. bedroom upstairs and another bedroom/family room with tv on the left:
the kids' loft. the skylight sticks up above the roof for a view of the campground/mountains/beach/wherever we are:
here's the floorplan: take a tour of the sierra treehouse here.



hiccup42 said…
I'm so jealous! I wish that I could unlocate! Can I come join you for a bit? I could do some kind of "internship" with DSP...
Ali Workentin said…
Hi Lundy's...I found your blog by seeing your posts on Family on the Road. Thanks for sharing about your life. I look forward to following along on your journey.


Fellow RV'r
Pacific Northwest
HI! I found your blog on FOTR. We're getting ready to leave in July...earlier hopefully :)