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our first stop once we start fulltime RVing? yeah, cabela's!

because yes, we are that lame, next monday we're stopping at cabela's, for the night, because we can. yes it's only a few hours from here, but ya know, time is relative now! we've always passed this store (with longing) because we never had TIME to stop on the way to or from whatever kayaking trip we were on. we had to hurry to get to wherever to do whatever and hurry to get back home to do whatever and we never had time to just be. so now we will be, at cabela's. :)
by the way, i hope stores always ask for our zip code so we can say "well, what's yours? yeah, that's ours then." :)


Heather Mattern said…
Awesome.. LOVE the zip code answer!! I will have to remember that! We are hoping to see another RV today.. Im so ready to get one and begin our journey!!!
Good ole Cabela's! How could you resist? We have also been known to make a stop or two at these incredible stores! Excited to see your adventure has begun!:)
Lori said…
some have free dump and water! And you can boondock for free! sounds perfect to me. Have fun, we want to go to the one by us too, we also have not gone, just to bass proshop!
I am so excited for you all! woohoo! have fun!