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Two fun days with the Walker 5 and the Lundy 5

We got to spend TWO days with DSP Designer and Photographer Suzanne C Walker! Thanks to the rain and our incredibly flexible schedule, we stayed a few extra days at Prophetstown State Park so we could visit the Historic Prophetstown Farm. Suzi's photos are a gazillion times better than mine, so be sure to check them out here on her Flickr! Really, I want to frame all her pics of my kids now!
Here are some of mine from the farm...
We took Allen back that evening for a little hike too, then visited the nearby battle ground. Great history about Tecumseh and his brother The Prophet, which as good Ohioans we know all about! (Of course the kids didn't, so we watched some videos about Chillicothe's Tecumseh drama on the way there. Gotta love streaming YouTube while you travel!)


Penelope said…
Oh, how I envy your life. I enjoyed homeschooling, but went back to work 3 yrs ago. I wish I had discovered digital scrapbooking when I had more time. Break's over. Now back to work.