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Crater Lake

Crater Lake (actually a caldera, not a crater) is absolutely stunning! Amazing reflections. It's SO blue, because it's super deep (2000ft, deepest in the US) and clean because no rivers run into it. There are only 3 tour boats and 2 research boats there, that were lifted in by helicopter, so it's immaculate. And sooooooo pretty to look at out of the office window! It was Mount Mazama before it blew. Wizard Island is cool too, a volcano inside a volcano. We also found snow to play in and the kids did the Jr. Ranger program and earned badges and patches.
Too many pretty pics to post, so I had to do another slide show. :)


Antoinette said…
Breathtaking pictures Margie! I love following you around, eventhough it's just virtual :)
Liz McCoy said…
Oh I love the family pict in front of the lake absolutely gorgeous!!!
The Valentines said…
Definitely one of my favorite places of our trip and the one I keep telling people they must go and visit :)