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Video: Home Is Where We Park It

Allen made a compilation video of our first 6 months on the road. We're still LOVING our nomadic life and this video makes me love it even more. :)

This is Home (song by Switchfoot, pics by Margie, videos by Allen, cute kids by adoption, amazing life by courage and the grace of God).

Fulltime RVing family of five, living life on the road and on top of the world.


Anonymous said…

That was down-right-awesome!
I love the video. I can't WAIT to get on the road!! :)

(from Texas)
Karen said…
What an amazing journey you are on :-)
What a beautiful video! That should be used to inspire more families to hit the road! The song went PERFECTLY with the picture! Well done and thanks for sharing it with us! =0)


Angie & Family
MrsM said…
Wow, Lundy's I LOVED the video!
Corey said…
Absolutely awesome! What an amazing journey for all of you.
Mars said…
Thanks for sharing your awesome video! I loved seeing some of the adventures of your amazing journey. Merry Christmas Lundy family!
Chas said…
Wow, this makes me even more excited to get our SchollBus on the road! It looks like you all have made some awsome memories, with more to come!
LivinOurDash said…
Love the video ... what an inspiration!