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The Housewife’s Guide to RVing

If you’re like me, a lucky housewife (which I guess would really be an RVwife if your house is an RV)…
If you’re like me, a lucky RVwife (which really, just like housewives, RVwives do so much more)…
If you’re like me, a lucky RVwife (oh you know what I mean), then this post is for you.

The Housewife’s Guide to RVing
by Margie Lundy

1. Once the RV is parked, happily announce you’re off to “do the inside.” Inside is your domain; outside is his. I call this arrangement pink jobs and blue jobs.

2. Always look busy inside. Keep a book or nail polish close just in case. If your man walks by, just reach into a cupboard or closet.

3. Whatever he does outside sometimes takes a lot of time. Never complain or offer to help. That might hurt his feelings or worse, be really gross.

4. The outside of an RV has wires, hoses, and switches, I think, but don’t be curious and look. Your man knows what to do and likes to be needed, so think of him and stay inside.

5. Drag out a breadmaker or crockpot (both are even better). Never let your man see how these devices work. Let him continue to think they’re complicated. He’ll appreciate dinner more and it’s really about making him happy.

6. Set up a table or chairs. Better yet, recruit your children for this task. They’ll feel more useful and it’s really about making them happy too.

7. Always appear to be finished just after your man. Get out a bowl, pillow, or blanket to put away at the last second and use comments like “Aw, you just beat me!” or “Man, I almost beat you this time!” He’ll appreciate winning and also how long it takes you to do the inside.

8. Sometimes you have to go to a place called a dump station. I don’t know what happens there, but it can’t be good. Always have a very important task to do inside, such as sending an email, checking the bread, making a call, starting dinner, etc. Really, anything works here, just be sure to have it in mind and use it casually. For example, “Oh great, I’ll just go send that email while we have a few minutes” or “Since you won’t need me, I’ll just go start dinner.” Say anything, but say something, because no RVwife should have to help with that.

I hope this guide is helpful to you. This is how I’ve managed fulltime RVing with my family for three years (note: 9 years now!) without knowing what happens on the outside. And I hope to never find out!
My husband thinks I should share how he does half of my inside (pink) jobs as well, but I respectfully disagree. That’s an advanced technique I’ve developed over time that maybe I’ll share later.


Jamie VanBeekum said…
Very insightful, Margie! I'll have to remember the one about the dump station if we ever get an RV that has that capacity ;) You're a smart cookie!
Very well done - I would just add - meeting him at the RV door with a ribbon in your hair and a cold beer in your hands - for yourself of course ;0
Sarah Parent said…
Oh no! I read this giggling to Chris and he just asked me if I've used any of these tricks. "Me? Well... I... uh... is that the breadmaker beeping?"
Rainey Daye said…
Haha!!! Totally bookmarking this one for referencing in the future!! I can't wait till that future time when we are in our future RV and on the road...of course, I still employ similar tactics in our stick house. He mows the lawn and I putter around/surf the net till he's ALMOST done...then get extremely busy unloading the dishwasher or starting a meal about 5 minutes before he comes back in!! :-P
mmartin said…
Sadly, I read this post too late. I have seen the outside of Howard the RV in action at a dump station and I can verify that it is NOT something any of us ladies should ever see...or smell. However, I am striving to reverse the damage that I have done and will endeavor to restore myself to the inside jobs only. I just hope it's not too late for me. (Fingers crossed.)
Jane said…
I think what you're doing sounds amazing. This is my dream! I think my husband and kids would be up for the adventure but not sure how to make it work financially on the road-any ideas??? My husband has a job now as a lawyer and couldn't do that on the road.
Stephanie said…
Okay, that's just tooo funny! Can't wait. We're almost there. And I promise to use your tactics ;)
liberty said…
almost sent this to my husband for a laugh, but.....i think i'll keep it between us ladies for now. We start out in about 2 weeks and I really DON'T want to know about all that outside stuff :p
Mysmasken said…
Thank you Margie for your opinion!

I also always said "No kitchen island", but I figured with this one being movable it can just be pushed away for floor space when not in use.

The reason for the king size is that our little one sleeps in bed with us, and if we have another one it will too :) For the time being anyways. I can see if it's just the two of you that the space could be used more efficiently.

You do have a point about being able to get in when stopped somewhere where you need to keep a low profile. I guess I don't realize at this point how much of this we will be doing, but we probably will.
We will be moving a lot as we will be following our tradeshow circuit at first. We do rubberstamps, so similar business to yours, but offline ;)

How much longer are you guys planning on doing this? Still enjoying it? We should be on the road by July :)
The RC Addict said…
This was a laugh for sure. You are very witty.

My wife is amazing and has helped with every aspect of the setup, tear down, and dumping process.

I think she learns all this so she can off me later and still get back home. :-)

Thanks for the laugh, I just had to share it with my friends. &
Jake Woldstad said…
Aha! I shall remember this deviousness once we are on the road. Brandy should not read this, for she will definitely use your wisdom to take advantage of me . . . but it really doesn't sound too bad to me. :)
Lori said…
No fair my inside job is to stand over the toilet and wand out the black or fill it up with water to dump again.roflol. and lucky me today my 5 year old decided to turn on the hose I had sitting on the counter ya it was a water park in the rv.roflol
5 boys 1 bathroom.roflol.
I got to see dh holding a cold beer complaining about how hard it is to pull a handle.roflol.
Hilarious. I think I am ready to go RV'ing now!
Hilarious. I think I am ready to go RV'ing now!
Stephanie said…
Ha-ha! This is pretty much spot-on for us. I laughed so hard (and read it out loud to Tim - who laughed too).
LivinOurDash said…
Too funny! I almost started reading this out loud to my husband, but then decided he didn't need to know about it!
Unknown said…
LOL! A fun read thank you :)
This was hilarious and, for me, 100% dead-on! Every once in a while my husband suggests that I should at least learn how to handle the "dump" and I just change the subject.

Hope to see you on the road sometime!
Unknown said…
Haha so true! I refuse to ever learn how anything involving the black tank works!