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Happy Nomadiversary!

We just celebrated ONE YEAR of living on the road, our nomadiversary, on 5/5/11.
How? With cake of course! A specialty cake right, made just for us? Um sure. We found a cake decorated with some kids' movie or show or something (I'd never heard of it), but we thought it looked like the Mojave Desert (one of our favorite campsites), so we went with that! We used Josh's truck and RV for the top, and tada! The perfect (for us) RVing cake! Who knew a cactus could be so yummy?!
A year! And we're still loving it, the awesome, the boring, all of it. But especially the days that include chocolate cake!


Unknown said…
Wow..a year already..does not seem that long ago..congrats my traveling friend!!..and I want some of that cake!!
The Valentines said…
Yum! Such a cool idea :)
Stephanie said…
What a cool cake! I'm so glad you took time to celebrate. We're planning a mini party of our own for tomorrow - 100 days on-the-road! :)
Momma Jorje said…
So awesome! Congrats! We seem to have encountered another set back... we'll see.

That cake looks awesome!
Fabulous! A whole year. The cake looks really yummy and I adore the camper on it!