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New River Gorge

We made the annual Memorial Day kayaking trip to the New River Gorge.  This is one of the first kayaking trips of the year for the Dayton OAC and we were happy to reconnect with our friends from Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania - in West Virginia.  Oddly enough, though we were camped two miles from our very favorite spot, the New River Gorge bridge, we never made it down to the bottom.  Allen kayaked the Meadow, New, and Gauley rivers, while the kids and I enjoyed the perfect spot he found the first day on the Meadow.  Cliff jumping and rope swings!  I sat in a kayak and took pics, and was the safety boater in case they needed me. They didn't (beyond a slight belly-smacker that took Matt's breath away). Videos at the end!
Jack the dog did some swimming and exploring too.  He didn't seem to want to jump though. 

 Lizzy pretty much stood on this rock all day and called it fun.  She does that.
She did try the rope swing a few times. 
Josh and Matt though, no fear. They loved it!
We went to Dirty Ernie's Rib Pit, a tradition when we hit the NRG.  Our Ohio State shirt from 2005 still hangs close to the ceiling!
Back at camp, Jack was showing off his jumping skills. 
As usual with the OAC, there were more boats than people, and more dogs than boats...
Josh and Matt decided to see the inside of an Etch-A-Sketch.  Aluminum by the way.  They said it was safe, because they read something.  Let's hope. 
For the potluck meal, I tried (and we loved) the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Bread!
Yes,that huge black thing IS a dog, not a bear.  Porter's the most lovable giant animal ever. 
And we learned how to make an upside down fire.  It starts at the top and there's no need to add wood, very convenient!
Allen had a great time kayaking all four days.  He took the boys on an easy section on the last day and Matt loved it while Josh survived it.  Matt seems to be the one member of the family hoping to join Allen soon.

Videos from the kayak:

Josh jumping

Matt jumping

The boys jumping together

Josh on the rope swing


Golden Gang said…
Hey Margie, I was wondering if you could send me an email and let me know what campground you stayed at near the River Gorge? It looks amazing!
Jamie said…
Another beautiful place to add to my list of places to see! Thanks for sharing.