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Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge is one of our most excruciatingly painful favorite hikes. We survived loved it last year and were forced by Allen wanted to try it again.  The gorge is beautiful with many waterfalls and blooming trees, but there are around 600 steps down and then 600 steps back up!  Plus the bouldering at the bottom to get to the sliding rock.  But yes, I grudgingly admit it is worth it!
This year we were met by a copperhead, not my favorite thing to see on a hike, or ever.  Lizzy almost stepped on it, and very nicely screamed to alert us.  We gave him space and moved on.  On the way back, it was more interesting.  Allen almost stepped on it and his Spidey sense went off (yes, he has that).  He looked down and saw the same icky snake coiled up now.  As Josh started to step down, Allen yelled and pushed him out of the way.  Crisis averted.  Allen, the darn the snake-picker-upper, has said (after our begging and yelling) that he won't pick up venomous ones.  But he did use a stick to move this one off the trail for the next hikers.  He wishes he'd done that on our way down river to avoid our almost-crisis.  I wish that, and every, snake would just drop dead and be done with it.  I don't care if they're good for gardens and eat bugs. I wish bunnies would do that.
Back to the hike, we had a lovely day and all slid down slide rock, the boys a bit more often and fearlessly.  It was much warmer than last year, but the water still took your breath away, which makes for fun pictures.  After lunch (frozen PB&J sandwiches are so great for hikes!) we headed back to the steps and then more slowly up the steps.  So many steps.       
 This is Oceana, where Allen took the kids "the hard way", which they prefer.

More pics...


Unknown said…
We live only 25minutes from Tallulah Gorge and love visiting. Although we try to stay away from climbing the steps. lol.