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A day on the farm

Almost every day of our life on wheels is different from the day before.  Some days we jump off cliffs, hike to waterslides, or play on the beach.  Some days we just work while the kids play outside.  Some days the kids veg in front of the TV complaining there's nothing to do.  Some days they find so much to do we wonder if they'll ever come home.  With our constantly changing locations, climates, neighbors, and campgrounds, there are no typical days.
But here's a glimpse of what we did this day.  We're staying at Gettysburg Farm Campground, which is indeed a working farm.  So there are lots of animals to enjoy and currently many babies being born.  There are horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, pigs, rabbits, and turkeys.  The kids got to feed and hold adorable goats and bunnies.  They also learned some hard lessons as two of the smallest baby goats died.  This is Baby, whose mom didn't make it, so she has to be bottle fed. 
It was so neat to stay right on a farm!  One night two goats were born and we saw them just hours afterwards.  Quite educational from all the questions the kids were asking! :)
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Stephanie said…
Those goats are too cute. I have fed a baby goat once, I think I almost peed my pants I was so excited. Life is different everyday, thats for sure! Can't wait to meet up with you all again! Thank you for participating in the Our Life On Wheels :: Blog Carnival.

Fulltime Traveling Family of Eight
Elizabeth said…
SO exciting. This is definitely something I want to do with my littles someday.
LivinOurDash said…
That looks like so much fun! We might have to look into this when we are in the area.