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Four years of RVing have brought wonderful adventures for the Lundys and now we're going to add even  more by RVsteading!  Yep, homesteading, in an RV. :) (See updates here!)
What is RVsteading? Wikipedia says homesteading is "a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs..."
In our self-contained RV, we are pretty self-sufficient as far as providing our own power and water and we have everything we need to cook, clean, work, sleep, entertain, etc.  And then we found Lundy Mountain and have been living off the land as much as hunting and fishing allow.  (We've only spent $14 in 7 months on meat and that's just because I missed chicken!)  But lately we've really been thinking about gardening, fruit trees, fresh milk & eggs, and really providing all of our needs.  And visiting our neighbors' homestead with lots of animals may have sent us over the edge!
We love this piece of the mountain and already have the home, so we just need the stead. We love the RV life still, so we'll just be RVsteading!  We won't even have to give up traveling, because we know many families who would love to take care of animals for a week or three in exchange for a full hookup site. :)  Roadschooling families would love that opportunity and we would love that freedom.
We'd sure love to have fresh eggs. (Our neighbors have been so kind!)
We have some great neighbors on the next mountain, so the kids will still have friends. 
They can get into mischief of course. 
Of course. 
 Or they can play together nicely.
Or not. 
Why can our kids not just jump on a trampoline?? 
We can enjoy this view even longer. 
And my reading tree is now free of deer feeders, so I can read. 
With the great view. 
And of course life in the mountains will always be interesting. Today's lesson was "always check your shoes".  And that was brought to you by them forgetting yesterday's lesson of "don't leave your shoes outside."  :/  
I'm still one of the Chicks Without Bricks (so don't miss our book!) but I have a feeling I'll have even more stories to share soon...  :) (Edited to add: Yes, that book is available now!) 
Would you like to learn more about RV or homesteading? has a great article: 58 Practical Homesteading Skills and Ideas You Can Learn Today. Check it out and let me know what you learn! 


Boyink said…
You know...if you had a second RV site you might just have free help show up..;)
The Valentines said…
Yep, I second the 2nd site ;).......we'll be in Arkansas in May- just sayin'!
CozMama said…
We are still working on mobilizing our full-time RV life but we already know that in a few years it is just an automatic thing to do the RVsteading after. Buy land we want, put hookups on it and grow from there on our terms.
The Lundy 5 said…
We have a little extra room and a few more hookups. :)