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Two new chicks

Because they're so cute and fluffy, we have two more chickens.  Lizzy and I went to town to do laundry and brought home Penguin and Pepe Le Pew.
Jack "helped" them join their coop-mates.
They were assimilated pretty quickly. 
Well, this moment didn't end well, but they learned to get along quickly after that.
Oh, well maybe it was after a visit from this "chick mafia". I'm afraid these triplets mean business!


davidl340 said…
You guys are combining 2 things I love, RV'ing and homesteading. We bought chickens within a month or so when we bought our land, soon the garden followed, contemplating some other animals. Just got to figure out how to keep them tended to incase we decide to travel some more. Looks like you guys are having fun. If you are ever in Gulfport again, swing by.