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Heading south, eating chickens

We finally made the decision to head to Florida for the winter! We could stay in Arkansas, the RV is cozy warm, pipes are heated, animals are comfy, but do we want to? That is the question.  After a week of freezing temperatures and fun in the snow, we decided yeah, no. No we don't want to. :)  Allen really wants to fish every day like last winter.  We also really miss the Grands, I have a retreat in Florida I can't miss, and well, it's cold here. We really prefer flip flops and sitting by the pool, while Allen's on the river catching dinner. 
Spoiled?  Maybe.  Lucky?  No, we carefully planned our mobile life for just this reason.
So all of the farm animals will either head to freezer camp, or be swapped with neighbors for milk and eggs when we get back in the spring.  It was a little hard to say goodbye to Chick Norris. He was pretty awesome, for a chicken. He'll be with us, in our hearts and in our freezer.
And Matt's Jiffy Puff too, though I won't miss their crowing.  
The neighbors came and made our whack & pack day go a lot faster. 
Bobbi thinks she got off for Thanksgiving, since we ate Turk the duck.  She doesn't realize we're fattening her up for Christmas. Although after roasting my first duck (I haven't tried a turkey), I'm kinda pulling for ham.  
We'll miss watching all these crazy animals, especially the goats.  We'll get to visit Annie, Lucy, and Lily and their future babies though! That's a nice consolation. Deuce's fate hasn't been determined yet though. We're hoping to sell him instead of sending him to freezer camp. These crazy goats are too easy to get attached to!  Next time we're planning to just have chickens and rabbits, when we return in the spring, when it's warm.


Boyink said…
Maybe this is the year we finally meet in person?