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Our 10th Nomadiversary!

It's our TENTH NOMADIVERSARY!!! Ten amazing years on the road with these crazy kids, who are no longer kids! 49 states and countless hikes, climbs, canyons, whitewater, and so many other adventures. And not a single regret for hitting the road for a nomadic life of family and fun!
For our 10th nomadiversary, Allen and I went on a photo scavenger hunt for 10s. ⁣We’ve done all the exciting bucket list items and most of the country is still closed, so we made an adventure of our own.⁣ ⁣It doesn’t feel like 10 years and it doesn’t feel like a big celebration. It just feels like our normal life - because it is! Our normal, typical, beautiful life on the road.
This Nomadiversary we celebrated in Fair Play, SC. Check out our 9th in TX (where we launched our book!), 8th in HI7th in SC6th in AZ5th in AR, 4th in AR3rd in PA, 2nd in FL, and 1st in VA!
If you're nomadic, we'd love to know. When is your nomadiversary and how long have you been on the road?!