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Cabrillo National Monument

We found out we were close to Cabrillo National Monument and, since we'd never heard of it, we figured we should go learn! The kids did the Junior Ranger program, so we all learned about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (and how to say his name). There was also Old Point Loma lighthouse, some military history, an active base, and tide pools to explore. The kids especially liked learning about the weapons the ships used and trying on armor.
Look! Mexico! Oh, also San Diego. :)
Up the lighthouse steps.
I was excited to see the shores of San Diego and they were indeed gorgeous! My camera battery stopped working also, so being stuck with cell phone pics was torture! The tide was in because our timing always stinks, so we missed the tide pools (they said you could walk half a mile out onto the beach at certain times), but the cliffs were great to explore. The kids (and adults) had a ball!


sssnoo said…
So you were within walking distance of my house and you didn't say hi? :( How long will you be in the area?
Anonymous said…
Your kids are so sweet.. I had visited this blog in the past as a homeschooling mom and an RV'er, so when I was at Pio Pico this weekend doing arts & crafts and began chatting with your son, his story seemed so familiar! It was only when I went back to the RV and looked at the blog again that I was able to confirm these were the Lundy kids :) I adopted my children as well, and homeschooled last year. My kids had a lot of fun with yours this past weekend, and I just wanted to let you know that your kids are so well spoken and were a joy to hang out with..!
The Lundy 5 said…
Oh man, you must be the mom of the great break dancing kids I heard about! :) Your post in anonymous so I can't email you to connect. Sorry we missed you here!
Tracy said…
Yes, those were my crazy kids! I don't know why I posted as anonymous before, this one won't be.. How long will you be staying at Pio Pico?
The Lundy 5 said…
Ah, still no email. Mine is if you want to connect. We're leaving here tomorrow! But just heading to Wilderness Lakes.